Rules, Terms and How to Play Blackjack Part 5

This game has a maximum score of 21 points. But even if the total score of all face cards has a score of more than 21 counts as a loser. Because of this, a lot of players think all the time that they should have the highest score until they forget to keep calling.

That has the opportunity to make the total points more than 21 and be fined for losing. The face value of the A card is 1 or 11, the most authentic, but the rules. Other cards such as 2–10 It will be a number calling point, and JQK has a value of 10. Players will receive 2 cards each first. And when we open it and don’t like it, we can draw more.

Which the technique of playing blackjack that many people use and get many good results is that the score is not very much. and not showing more cards For example, when we have a total of 18–19. It would be enough to win. Because do not forget that if we draw, but do not have to repeat high points, we have the same chance of winning. It is not necessary to draw 20–21. When there is a score of 17–19,

they will have a chance to win. And if the draw increases, the risk of issuing points will increase, it doesn’t matter, but if you only get 8 or less points, draw more because the chances of having points are very close to 21. But in that case you have 16 points and it’s two 8 cards. to divide the cards And be careful if the dealer is very low and we have 13-16 to stop.

You have to consider every possibility of each event countless times, it is not advisable to stick to one principle but keep practicing. Searching for additional knowledge, repeating plans, various probabilities, looking at every probability. Because analyzing the movement of the game is another thing which is very important. and will require careful and timely decision making as already mentioned