Rules, Terms and How to Play Blackjack Part 3

Guidelines for calling blackjack cards.

With that being said, Blackjack counts wins at Jack 21, so the method of playing this game that should be the focus most is. Rules or guidelines for calling pi or showing more cards that When should we stop, when should we show more cards? Because don’t forget, I score more than 21 is a loser. For that reason, we should use the following point counting method.

If the first round of cards that the dealer sends us to a total of 17–20 ends, no further draw is required. because the score is high enough Playing blackjack, we don’t expect the most points, compete with other players, but we only hope for points to win against the dealer. For this reason, hold it for a long time if you get this amount.

Even with a score of 13–16, you need to look at your score. If your draw score is low, you should stop calling, but if out 10 let us fold and lose half the bet. Because getting a score of 13–16 is risky. or 15-16. This is even more risky because of the chance that the dealer will win and lose. Therefore, the decision is very necessary. will have to face and skill to help decide how much to break or fight next

If a score of 12–8 occurs, more cards should be called. Because there are many chances to win dealer points. If we have a point of 9, we can double down the dealer by showing our hand 3–6 or we can put it down.

If the hand is less than 8, let us always release the card.

By playing blackjack, players always need to find help. For example, if you get 17 Players who have encountered may stop playing without continuing to fight. Even if the dealer shows 10 cards Because it may be possible that the dealer has the right to have less total points. Players must control their sanity and be gentle.